The Campbell Law Practice, LLC focuses on bringing families together by adoption. Every child deserves to have loving and caring parents overseeing their life. The adoption process can be very long and arduous. An experienced attorney can make the experience less stressful.

The Campbell Law Practice, LLC is accepting the following Adoption cases:
  • Adoption through Public Agency and Foster Care Adoptions;
  • Adoption by an Independent Third Party (Private Adoptions);
  • Interstate Adoption;
  • Adoption by a Step-parent; and
  • Adoption by a Relative.



When you are injured while performing your job, life can immediately feel overwhelming. In today’s economy, your employment and paycheck are vital to you and your family. On top of the pain and discomfort you may be feeling from your injury during this difficult time, you now have to communicate routinely with doctors, adjusters and your employer. This can be intimidating. It is important that you have an attorney representing you and looking out for your best interest so you can focus on recovering from your work related injury.

The Campbell Law Practice, LLC can represent you if:
  • Just suffered a work related injury and are at the beginning of your claim;
  • Your employer refuses to accept your injury under workers’ compensation;
  • Suffered a permanent disability from a work-related injury;
  • Had a family member involved in a fatal accident at work;
  • Contracted an occupational or disease at work;
  • Have a psychological disorder due to your work injury; or
  • Have a current workers’ compensation claim and are ready to resolve it through settlement.